Great Circle Associates Firewalls
(September 1992)

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Subject: Re: traffic volume impossible; need newsgroup
From: scott @ dsg . tandem . com (Scott Hazen Mueller)
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 14:28:00 PDT
To: Firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM, sviavant @ us . oracle . com

>	I try to read and respond to my mail as soon as I get it. The
>firewalls stuff, I'd rather batch up. I counted 48 messages in one day... 
>	I suppose I could find or hack a smarter biff, to display enough
>material to discriminate, but I don't want to be bothered.

[No offense to Steve intended, I just picked one message at semi-random.]

I highly recommend using 'procmail' as a front-end mail filter.  When it
began to look like the firewalls mailing list was going to flood my default
mailbox, I simply added 3 lines

::                              # Firewalls list

to my .procmailrc, and I was set.

Procmail is a powerful filtering/forwarding utility, and it doesn't require
you to use a specific mailer.  Everything I get winds up in different bins,
and I can even use it to forward really busy lists (such as sun-managers)
into local newsgroups.

Scott Hazen Mueller              +1 408 285 5762  scott @
 dsg .
 tandem .
Tandem Computers, Unix System Administrator, Email Postmaster and Usenet Admin

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