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(October 1992)

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Subject: Quality of Wellfleet IP filtering
From: msdrl!ajs @ uunet . UU . NET (Anthony Starks)
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 18:34:22 EDT
To: uunet!greatcircle . com!firewalls @ uunet . UU . NET (Firewalls mailing list)

Anyone care to comment on the quality of the
IP filtering available on Wellfleets? Comparisons
to Ciscos and NetBlazers, et. al are fine.

I'm looking for:

* ease of configuration
* Types of filtering offered
* How well Wellfleets stack up
  in the light of the issues raised in
  Brent Chapman's paper, namely:

	-- filter syntax
	-- Available header fields
	-- Inbound and Outbound filtering
	-- Testing tools

Anthony Starks		Merck Research Laboratories		ajs @
 msdrl .

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