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(January 1993)

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Subject: Re: Sun's itelnet and iftp?
From: Phill Everson <phill @ sequent . com>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 10:53:07 GMT
To: Donald R. Proctor (510/596-3828) <donp @ sybase . com>
Cc: firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: Donald R. Proctor (510/596-3828)'s message as of Jan 6, 5:49pm

iftp & itelnet were distributed as part of the Sun Consulting Special 
IGateway package last time I looked. The actual modifications made
to the base daemons was fairly simple though.

Hope this helps

Phill Everson
Sequent UK

On Jan 6,  5:49pm, Donald R. Proctor     (510/596-3828) wrote:
} Subject: Sun's itelnet and iftp?
> Can anyone tell me how Sun's itelnet and iftp are distributed? 
> Aside from the fact that these "proxy" applications are largely
> unavailable for non-Sun platforms, it seems to me that they provide
> a more secure approach than allowing user accounts on the firewall
> host.
> Any opinions?
> Don Proctor
> Sybase Computer Systems
> <donp @
 sybase .
}-- End of excerpt from Donald R. Proctor     (510/596-3828)


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