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(September 1993)

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Subject: Re: fingerd
From: Dorian Deane <dorian @ cobalt . house . gov>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 08:01:55 -0700
To: gast @ CS . UCLA . EDU, jim @ tadpole . com, smb @ research . att . com
Cc: Firewalls-Digest @ GreatCircle . COM

> I think you're referring to this:
> namecmp(name1, name2)
>         register char *name1, *name2;
> {
>         register c1, c2;
>         for (;;) {
>                 c1 = *name1++;
>                 if (islower(c1))
>                         c1 = toupper(c1);
>                 c2 = *name2++;
>                 if (islower(c2))
>                         c2 = toupper(c2);
>                 if (c1 != c2)
>                         break;
>                 if (c1 == 0)
>                         return (1);

I thought someone would have mentioned this by now.  I _can't_ be the
oldest Unix guy around--I've never even seen Unix on a PDP-11 back when
all Unix guys wore sandals!  I did wear sandals, though...

Either in source code or in a man page somewhere (A Gould running UTX, 
I think), I remember reading that finger originally had a bunch of
hard-coded logic for deciding which UC, Berkeley hall a user lived in
and would then try to cleverly give more information about the user than
was actually contained in the GECOS field.  It looks like vendors have
removed varying degrees of that code but didn't catch all of it.


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