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(September 1993)

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Subject: DNS w/NIS
From: "Jonathan B. Horen" <horen @ zeus . datasrv . co . il>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1993 09:34:37 +0200
To: firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM

OK -- I've read the SYSADMIN FAQ about how to configure the DNS
when running NIS, but I have a situation not addressed by the

I want to configure my machine, which will be our gateway to the
Internet (it will be connected via SLIP/PPP to a commercial Internet
provider) as a "firewall" machine.  Reading the O'Reilly book on
Practical Security, I learned that a host configured as a firewall
should *not* be running NIS.  So... my question is:

Should I try to configure my gateway as its own NIS master, and then
have a second NIS master for the rest of the network? (btw, the
gateway will have a "real" Internet IP address, vis-a-vis the provider,
one that can be different than the rest of our network... is this a
"plus" or a "minus" [or of no consequence:]?)

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