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(February 1994)

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Subject: Re: Socks and DNS
From: Tom Fitzgerald <fitz @ wang . com>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 94 18:10:19 EST
To: hp90101 @ internet . sbi . com (Harry Protoolis)
Cc: firewalls @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <9402021733 . AA12287 @ matilda . sbil . co . uk>; from "Harry Protoolis" at Feb 2, 94 5:33 pm

> The other problem is that having built sockd and rtelnet they don't appear
> to be talking to each other. In fact when I run rtelnet, sockd does not even
> start. I have tried telnet'ing to 1080 to check I have got inetd.conf right
> and that starts sockd OK. ( well not so OK :-) )
> When I run rtelnet I get:
> rtelnet/rtelnet
> Using SOCKS protocol ver. 4 to proxy server hadrian
> Trying
> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

It looks like rtelnet and socks are using different port numbers for socks.
Sockd is running on port 1080, is something different specified in the
socks.h that rtelnet was built with, or in /etc/services on the client
system?  When the rtelnet is hanging before it times out, what does a
netstat -n show?

This doesn't appear to be related to the lack of DNS.  You should have seen
an immediate "host unknown" or authentication error, if there was a problem
with nameserver resolution.

Tom Fitzgerald   Wang Labs       fitz @
 wang .
1-508-967-5278   Lowell MA, USA

  • Socks and DNS
    From: hp90101 @ internet . sbi . com (Harry Protoolis)
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