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(July 1994)

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Subject: Re: Ooops!
From: breinhar @ tomahawk . welch . jhu . edu (Robert Reinhardt)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 1994 20:10:03 -0400 (EDT)
To: rdm @ cfcl . com (Rich Morin)
Cc: firewalls @ greatcircle . com, lramos @ mfi . com, breinhar @ tomahawk . welch . jhu . edu (Robert Reinhardt)
In-reply-to: <9407080108 . AA26616 @ cfcl . com> from "Rich Morin" at Jul 7, 94 06:08:50 pm

<> Rich Morin wrote:

Rich (and everyone else); I'm sorry this has caused a problem.
I knew that my paper had been archived in
and was originally distributed via firewalls mailing list (and
I thought archived there, but maybe it is gone).

Please inform anyone that is interested that the paper
can be retrieved from my host via anonymous ftp, the
file is in ~/pub/misc/security.txt.Z.  I have also been
responding to numerous requests via email and I have no
problem continuing to do so.  My email address is:

breinhar @
 tomahawk .
 welch .
 jhu .

To ftp, ftp to

Also, due to a large amount of encouragement from several
people, I am in the process now of updating and editing
my paper and will release a new version probably within
July.  I will also include references to some more recent
tools (but of course I'm not making an attempt to write
a book report on every possible firewall solution, or I
would never be able to stop writing it--or maybe I should
go into business and make this an annual production ;) ;).

Again, I apologize if the "source" information I gave
was erroneous, I thought I was following a good practice.

<> > From: Frederick M Avolio <avolio @
 tis .
<> > Date: Tue, 5 Jul 94 18:40:07 EDT
<> > Subject: Oh... so that's whay all of the requests
<> >
<> > Latest UNIX Review. Richard Morin's column. He lists this mailing
<> > list as the place to get Reinhardt's paper. Or someone mistyped. 
<> >
<> > If he had mentioned the TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit in his column on
<> > freely available internet security tools, I'd be more likely to defend 
<> > him. :-)

At the time I did the original paper, TIS had a PEM product which I
was told by someone at TIS that it was not free (although I did
mention it in my paper).... sorry, can't cover everything, but I
will gladly accept recommendations (as I did from Herve Schauer
on his firewall product).

<> If I'd known about it, I surely would have mentioned it, but none of my
<> sources said anything about it.  Care to email me a pointer, so I can do
<> something about it in the future?
<> More generally, my apologies to all who are, have been, or will be hassled
<> by flocks of prospective firewall enthusuasts mailing into this group.
<> UNIX Review asked for a source for Mr. Reinhardt's paper, and he sent us:
<> > Title:   An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security
<> > Date:    February 1993
<> > Author:  Robert B. Reinhardt <breinhar @
 tomahawk .
 welch .
 jhu .
<> > Source:  Internet/USENET <firewalls @
 greatcircle .
<> I'm sorry about all the noise and confusion; I didn't catch the fact that
<> the above information was going to cause problems for youall.  I'm not
<> generally in the business of trashing newsgroups and this certainly wasn't
<> an attempt at same.  Finally, since I am not a subscriber to this group
<> (No Time! No Time!), I haven't even seen the messages in question.  I
<> only found out about it because a friend on the list copied Mr. Avolio's
<> message to me.  !!!SIGH!!!
<> I would really appreciate it if someone in the group would be willing to
<> send polite email responses to the requesters pointing them back to Robert,
<> me, or even better, the archives for  OK???
<> -r

  /                 /    
 /__,_  _  o ____  /_  __.  __    Robert Bryan Reinhardt
/_)  (_</_<_/ / <_/ /_(_/|_/ (_

  • Ooops!
    From: rdm @ cfcl . com (Rich Morin)
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