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(July 1994)

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Subject: Setting up http & mosaic & socks.
From: Darren Reed <avalon @ coombs . anu . edu . au>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 1994 00:34:45 +1000 (EST)
To: firewalls @ greatcircle . com

Does anyone have any sample configuration setups/files for http/mosaic
that might serve as a guide to getting mosaic working successfully through
a bastion host ?  I've spent quite a few hours trying to work out how it
all slots together, but it seems beyond me :-(  I got mosaic using the
http_proxy env. variables ok (using 2.4) and httpd was recognising it,
but it mentioned something about ACL's ?  And when I tried "httpd -v"
it said "No template match ... (so probably not protected)" and failed
the "GET" with a "connection refused".  Where to go from here wasn't
clear...seemingly no man page :-( but I found a reference to ".www_acl" -
what is this for ?

One thing which isn't made clear is - do I need to run a separate httpd
or socks program for mosaic users or (if I run a httpd on the bastion
host anyway) is one enough ? (seems to be, but all the examples on using
proxy have high port numbers - as if it wasn't meant to be).

If this is a FAQ and there are some docs to help which AREN'T HTML but
just plain ASCII (those *.html files aren't pretty with vi :-) just
point me towards it (I'm almost sure it must be).


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