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Subject: Re: A bit off the subject...
From: fwnews @ callisto . eci-esyst . com
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 94 11:44:29 EDT
To: firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: randy @ psg . com

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> From: randy @
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> To: fwnews @
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> Subject: A bit off the subject...
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> > A question off the subject of firewalls
> Then why the hell do 2000 firewalls readers have to read it?  Because you're
> to brain-dead to post it some place appropriate?

Having a bad day or are you normally this rude? My brain is alive enough 
to control my tongue and to provide some understanding and consideration 
to others that may not be as versed as I am in certain situations. I am
relatively new to the Internet and news groups so I do not realize all of
the unwritten etiquette, nor the alternative posting sites. Think about 
this next time you are on unfamiliar ground and ask someone a "silly/stupid"
question. It is only silly or stupid when you know the answer. If you have 
never found yourself in that type of situation I am confident that you will 
one day. You will be appreciative for a kind word and help.

As I said TIS offers an SCO version of the TIS toolkit (FIREWALL!) and 
during firewall configuration discussions the question came up. So I 
thought maybe someone had experience with SCO Unix related to a firewall 
setup on something other than a PC. 

I'm not real sure why I am explaining myself to you since it is obvious
that you have no real desire to be helpful. If you think that the message
I posted is inappropriate then it would certainly be fine to say so, and
to suggest an alternative posting site. However, there is no need to be
rude. You know the old adage "...if you don't have anything good to say, then
don't say anything...". The interesting thing is that it took you longer
to respond to my message then it would have taken you to open and delete it.

I hope your day gets better Randy.

S.D.Eason, Engineer           | "And whatsoever ye do, do it
E-Systems, ECI Division       | heartily, as to the Lord, and
1501 72nd Street North        | and not unto men..."
St. Pete, Florida  33710      |                Colossians 3:23
E-mail : sdeb @
 eci-esyst .
 com   | Phone  : (813)381-2000 X2124

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