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(July 1996)

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Subject: Re: /etc/shadow encryption
From: Ryan.Russell/SYBASE
Date: 2 Jul 96 8:29:13 EDT
To: Enrique Vadillo <vadillo @ sybase . com>
Cc: firewalls <firewalls @ sybase . com>

If memory serves...

try 'man 3 crypt'

Without the quotes, of course.


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To: firewalls
From: vadillo @ (Enrique Vadillo) @ smtp
Date: 07/01/96 09:25:45 PM
Subject: /etc/shadow encryption

Hello all!

I would like to know if you know where i can get the encryption algorythm
that Sun Solaris 2.5 uses to write its /etc/shadow file.

I am trying to write some proggy that can let me create users thru email,
i have so many by day!! i want to make this an automated process,
and all i need now is to know the way this encryption is made.

Thanks in advance,
        Enrique Vadillo                     Research & Development at RCP               fax : +51 1 241-1320
        Peruvian Internet Gateway           work: +51 1 954-4799

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