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(July 1996)

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Subject: Installing a NT Web server on a firewall
From: Mark Stout <mcs @ vpm . com>
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 11:39:16 -0700 (PDT)
To: firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM

Hi All:

I'm new to this list, so if this has been discussed to ad nauseum, please
forgive.  I need to install an NT v3.51 server as a clients primary web server
and incorporate it into their existing Internet access structure.  That being
a firewall to protect the corporate intranet and a proxy server for allowing 
internal access to the Internet.

I'm wondering if there's any documentation that I can get that explains,
in detail, how to setup a server to provide external access to the web server
form the outside and access to the SMTP server while allowing internal access 
to the server for maintenance.

I believe the web server should reside on the outside of the firewall.  
Internal access to the Internet in general is provided by a proxy server. My
thinking is that externally speaking, I should be able to access the web 
server, fill out a form and send it to the SMTP gateway just like any other
external mail coming in would routed.  BTW, the internal mail system is
Lotus's cc:Mail.

What would be the best solution to allow external access to the server AND
allow internal access to the server for maintenance while allow access to
the SMTP server for sending processed forms, such as feedback forms.

 Mark Stout    |  The Village Potpourri Mall:
            VPM Enterprises; P.O.Box 6427; Folsom, CA 95763-6427
              Secured Web Hosting and Secured Discussion Groups
        Secured Internet Sales, Marketing and Advertising Specialist

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