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Subject: RE: CISCO network level encryption & key lengths
From: johnstm @ anubis . network . com (Tony M Johnson)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 15:17:55 -0500 (CDT)
To: firewalls @ greatcircle . com

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>> If the answer to the above are all "no" then does anyone have any alternative
>> product suggestions - that fall in line with the network level encryption
>> CISCO are producing ?

**NSC is in the network security business.  We provide industrial-strength 
crypto for organiations regaless of their location.  Granted, governments 
put restrictions on exporting/importing strong crypto, but it is far from 
being impossible to do.  The issue is that in order to ship crypto stonger 
than 40 bits, one needs to have approval from the US state department (a US 
perspective).  The approval is given based on the destined country and the 
end user.  For example, we have shipped 56 bit DES to UK-owned companies 
numerous times.  We have actually shipped IDEA (a 128 bit cypher) abroad.
**Will the US relax is restrictions?  Time will tell.  There's much pressure 
from the security vendors toward this end.  Will it happen?  Probably. Will 
it happen this year?  Probably not.
**From a crypto perspective, Cisco is about 2 years behind the industry 
leaders in network security.  I encourage you to give a look at NSC's 
BorderGuard familty of secure VPN products, emphasizing strong crypto from a 
company that has exported it to countries all over the world.  (Of course, 
getting strong crypto into ex-Soviet nations and into N. Korea and PRC is 
not a simple process, though it is doable.)
**Check us out:
**NSC is owned by Storage Tec; UK main offices in Woking; NSC-offices in 
Ascot are in the process of moving to Working.

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