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Subject: Re: proxying characteristics of smtp
From: stevelee @ accessone . com
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 13:55:50 -0700
To: Mike Dilworth <mjd @ soi . city . ac . uk>, firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM
Comments: Authenticated sender is <stevelee @ mail . accessone . com>

> From:          Mike Dilworth <mjd @
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> Subject:       proxying characteristics of smtp
> Date:          Sat, 27 Jul 1996 08:11:59 +0300

> hi all
> can you help...I want to set up a smtp server on a firewall which will then pass all mail onto an internal mail hub..pretty standard stuff...
> I'm doing this in M$ NT and using exchange as the internal mail hub, but dont want to buy 2 expensive exchange servers, so i got hold of altavista mail server for the firewall.  After looking at thi
> Now I have looked at these, and what i make of them is that you can specify which hosts receive the mail and in what order of preference, just in case one goes down..etc.  but I cant see a way that 
> any pointers much appreciated..
> mike
You can easily do this on an NT system running's
Post.Office product. You can get more info on the product and
the cost at An advantage with the
Post.Office product is that the configuration can be administered
with a browser such as Netscape Navigator. 
Steven Lee
Vice President, Consulting Services
OpenSystems, Inc.
E-Mail: steve @
 opensys .

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