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(December 1997)

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Subject: Re: Growing trend..
From: mht @ clark . net
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 12:09:00 -0500
To: Brad <brad @ freedom . gmsociety . org>
Cc: firewalls @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <199712031530 . KAA30101 @ freedom . gmsociety . org>
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Yes, that is exactly where the industry is heading, the organization that
can develop a thorough business model to lean towards the one stop
networking, telecommunication and security shop will have the lead.

It will take a tremendous amount of work to convince all those parties
involved to work together, very similiar to the WALMART EDI initiative of
the 1970s..  


At 10:30 AM 12/3/97 -0500, Brad wrote:
>All kidding aside, I agree with this assesment. We are looking at the
logical progression of what the market wants, I don't want to have deal
with 8 different venders when I can have one POC for all my problems.
>It looks to me like the one stop shop is the waveof the future.  I think
thenext round may be the infrastructure companies swallowing up the product
companies to providea truely on stop networking shop.
>> OK, the growing trend for companies is produce a product which
>> interoperates with other products that other companies are manufacturing at
>> some point in time either they strategically align together or combine
>> themselves together to make one entity instead of two.. The growing trend
>> in the last few months is for policy type products and intrusion type test
>> companies to merge with firewall software and/hardware companies. This
>> takes care of the product side of things.
>> Over the summer months and early fall, we saw the big auditing type
>> companies combine their work force together to enhance their consulting
>> type offerings and combine their customer base.
>> The next logical step is to combine product companies with the auditing
>> type companies..
>> The final step after that is to combine the auditing companies and the long
>> distance carrier companies together.. combining all product, all people and
>> telecommunication together.
>> One stop shopping..  
>> my .02
>> /mht
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