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(December 1997)

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Subject: Re: Lucent Managed Firewall?
From: "osiris @ gnss . com" <osiris @ gnss . com>
Organization: Global Network Security Systems
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 22:05:37 -0800
To: Russ <Russ . Cooper @ rc . on . ca>
Cc: "'Firewalls Mailing List'" <firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM>, osiris @ gnss . com
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Between now and the time that Mr. Cheswick appears, a quick overview
for anyone without a lot of time. Doc URLs are below...

++ Runs on Intel
++ Fits on a single floppy
++ Embedded within Inferno
++ No user accounts or file system
++ Must be assigned a logical IP (Hmmm.)
++ Reportedly remains invisible to the void
++ Encrypted communication with Management Server (DES,
++ Uses a caching mechanism to determine if packers are/were allowed
++ Good for UNIX and NT (hosting Inferno)
++ Server-side apps on Management Server are in Java
++ Admin's login protected via SSL
++ Server has a digital certificate that can be verified
++ Native VPN support (U.S. only)
++ Granularity of and multiple security zones

Documents on LMF:

Technical Overview:

Product Specification:

The FAQ (for lack of a better description):

Documents on Inferno generally:

Inferno Security
H. Bernard

Security in Inferno
D. Presotto

Descent into Limbo (Programming language for Inferno)

Limbo Manual:

Real-Time Inferno
A. Sharma

What Inferno Runs On:

Go here to get Inferno and the IDK (SDK):

And, thanks to the folks at, a virtual treasure of

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