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(December 1997)

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Subject: Re: Wingate?
From: Bret Watson <lists @ bwa . net>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 10:47:08
To: ark @ mpak . convey . ru (-= ArkanoiD =-)
Cc: firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <749 @ mpak . convey . ru>

At 04:03 PM 12/8/97 RST, you wrote:
>Does anybody have expirience with software product named "Wingate"? It
seems to
>be something like cheap entry-level firewall system for Windows 95 and NT. 
>People often do ask me if they need a "real" firewall or Wingate is enough
>them. So the questions are how good is it from the viewpoint of

Not really its more a SOHO internget gateway. >
>a) security 
It provides NAT so that you can load up a whole pile of people on one
dial-up IP - this is about all the security it does provide, though there
seems to be some basic packet filtering/proxy work. I think the proxy is a
proxy cache not an application proxy...

>b) control and monitoring features
Pretty good actually - beats MS RRAS hands down - I set this up in about
two minutes and it worked!
>c) protocol support
lets see I think it does most of the normal stuff - look at
-there shold be a two user demo available...
>d) administration
not too bad - not a lot of reporting though
>e) performance
OK for two to three users - don't know after that, I suspect it wouldn't be
suitable for more than ten users.

A good test would be to get webdown (avail nonags) and mirror a site with
the connections set at 100 - if it doesn't load down the web server then
you should get an indication of how well it handles lots of web connections..


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