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(December 1997)

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Subject: RE: Wingate?
From: Don Lewis <Don . Lewis @ tsc . tdk . com>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 03:49:59 -0800
To: "jimst @ enteract . com" <jimst @ enteract . com>, "'H. Morrow Long'" <morrow . long @ yale . edu>, "ark @ mpak . convey . ru" <ark @ mpak . convey . ru>, "mag @ bunuel . tii . matav . hu" <mag @ bunuel . tii . matav . hu>
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In-reply-to: James Strompolis <jimst @ enteract . com> "RE: Wingate?" (Dec 11, 11:01pm)

On Dec 11, 11:01pm, James Strompolis wrote:
} Subject: RE: Wingate?
} Yup, I think that was the hole.  Like I said, fuzzy on the details. 
}  Although, I thought there was some mention of being able to pass through 
} Wingate to the internal machine if the installer did not follow the readme 
} to change some default setting(s?) that needed to be changed.  Deerfield's 
} fix, as I remember it, was to release a new version with the default 
} changed to the opposite setting.

I don't think inside machines were at risk, I think it was just the
ability to connect from an outside machine to the Wingate machine and
hop from there to another outside machine that was a problem.

} There was some sort of script released to take advantage of it.  The author 
} pulled it very quickly when it got distributed beyond a small group of 
} people it was supposed to stay within.  I probably remember this one wrong, 
} though?

This sounds about right.  There was a lot of discussion about this in*.

} - James Strompolis
}   Aleph Consultants, Inc.
}   jimst @
 enteract .
} On Thursday, December 11, 1997 11:12 AM, H. Morrow Long 
} [SMTP:morrow .
 long @
 yale .
 edu] wrote:
} > >- James Strompolis
} > >On an older version of Wingate, there was a hole that could let anyone 
} in.
} > > It was there by design.  I'm a little fuzzy on the details now.  Do a
} > >search for Wingate on DejaNews in the computer security groups and you 
} will
} > >find articles relating to this problem.
} >
} > The hole was that the telnet proxy would allow outsiders to use your 
} proxy
} > to connect out to other sites on the Internet.  They could then hide 
} their
} > originating IP address from the ultimate destination or attempt to get
} > around US-only IP address restrictions, etc.

It's also a popular exploit for email and usenet spammers and mail bombers.
They can use this to hide their true location and deflect the consequences
of their network abuse.

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