Great Circle Associates Firewalls
(December 1997)

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Subject: Re: Firewalls-Digest V6 #574
From: Larry Kwiat <Larry . Kwiat @ gov . yk . ca>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:45:11 -0800
To: Steve Kruse <jsk347 @ sprynet . com>, Stacy Millions <stacy @ Millions . CA>, Firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM

The reason you haven't seen change control discussed much is that it 
really doesn't exist. Operating systems, driver software, application
software and even network architecture morph at the speed of a badly
made holo-action flick. Who the hell could keep up with that?

And if you get all uptight about it, your own users will sacrifice 
you to the gods of the market. Or a service pack will blow you 
out of the water with no return other than an "upgrade cycle", 
which introduces new feature at the application level, which gets
your users all hyped up (usually about very little). Agh!
And while I'm at it,   ...BAH! HUMBUG!

We do what we can, don't get me wrong, but the bottom line on change
control and system management will be struck when enough users burn
themselves and start yelling for help instead of trying to shoot
the messenger. Most administrators I know (even ones who were quite
naive only a few short years ago) know the value of change control,
and solid system management policy, but can't sell it.

(10 cent rant)

At 08:50 AM 12/12/97 -0500, Steve Kruse wrote:
>At 10:34 AM 12/11/97 -0500, Stacy Millions wrote:
>>"Warren Moore"<warren .
 moore @
 cbis .
 com> said:
>>> Paul McNabb reputedly said:
>>> <snip>
>>> >
>>> >>  From: "Craig I. Hagan" <hagan @
 cih .
>w...maybe by 2021 the desktops will have caught up.
>   More SNIPPED to save bandwidth
>>I think you are overly optimistic :-( The big problem with the stability of
>>most of these "new technologies" has more to do with cultural issues than
>>technical issues. I would imagine that the "poor old dinosaur mainframes"
>>would have a stability problem too, if the users of the systems were able
>>to download the latest "cool app" from the net and install it.


>Stacy rasies an important point here that I haven't seen discussed much.
>The value of "change control" and "authorized applications on the desktop"
>can not be stressed enough in a security sense.  

<'nother snip>

>Steve Kruse
>Milkyway Networks 



Larry Kwiat
Electronic Information Security Coordinator / 
System Integration Specialist
Information Services Branch
Government of Yukon
kwiat @
 gov .
 yk .

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