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(December 1997)

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Subject: RE: NT as a central intranet firewall
From: "Anderson, Scot" <btg . com!sanderson @ cadabratech . com>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 18:11:43 -0500
To: "'Don Shesnicky'" <moe!dons>, "'GreatCircle . COM!Firewalls @ cadabratech . com'" <moe!GreatCircle.COM!Firewalls>
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Not that it matters all that much, but I would suggest the following.

1. UNIX is "developer friendly" - a collection of granular, flexible
tools in an environment that is easily tailored.  It can be used to
provide a user-friendly system if one chooses to do so.

2. NT is "available" to the average user - with growing attempts to make
the use of it as intuitive as possible.  

Two really different things.  

Scot Anderson | 703-383-7950 | SkyTel 800-413-4612
--If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate

On Friday, December 12, 1997 1:35 PM, Don Shesnicky
[SMTP:dons @
 cadabratech .
 com] wrote:
> > NT is more user friendly and this one is really a big
> > thing. 
> Well I was going to try to stay out of this...
> You really think NT is more friendly? I look at some of
> the
> stuff in the registry and the blue screen of death and ...
> and 
> ... as not being user friendly. And don't say it's more
> friendly
> for users, cause a user facing the blue screen has
> immediately
> been made a sysadmin.
> I remember the other night as I was going from NT machine
> to NT 
> machine to make printer edits that there was a big
> argument years 
> ago about how confusing Unix was and how everyone should
> stick to
> DOS. The other argument made at that time was how Unix
> took too 
> much disk space. I think both of those points are pretty
> much 
> mute now. 
> Add to that, 5 years ago you learned DOS, then you learned
> Win 3.1,
> then it was WinNT, now it's Win95. I sat down at my first
> linux
> box a year ago and felt at home within minutes. You don't
> think
> that influences which firewall OS your going to purchase,
> think
> again.
> Don
> ...we should moderate this list to keep people like me off
> it.

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