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(April 1998)

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Subject: Re: cable modem security
From: "Craig I. Hagan" <hagan @ cih . com>
Date: 02 Apr 1998 18:14:01 -0500
To: Charles Getty <cgetty @ netvisioninc . com>
Cc: "'Brett Mayer'" <BMayer @ rfc . com>, "Firewalls (E-mail)" <firewalls @ greatcircle . com>
In-reply-to: Charles Getty's message of "Mon, 30 Mar 1998 20:48:00 -0500"
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Charles Getty <cgetty @
 netvisioninc .
 com> writes:

> That assumes you can put the "cable modem" into a promiscuous mode....
> The cable modem is essentially a transparent bridge... Does anyone know
> of other devices that allow you to access the cable medium?  Is there a
> online copy of this article in 2600?   

the lancity NCP box that i've got via mediaone is a smart
bridge: i only see packets directed towards my mac or the
broadcast. HOWEVER, one can easily snarf someone else's
packets with a few send_arp games (make them think that 
the upstream router has a mac addr of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF).
This will give you at least a few minute of sniffing until
you need to "refresh" their cache.

-- craig

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