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Subject: Re: Bordermanager as firewall?
From: Chris Brenton <cbrenton @ sover . net>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 06:16:40 -0500
To: klinec @ mapcoinc . com, firewalls @ greatcircle . com
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klinec @
 mapcoinc .
 com wrote:

> Does anyone have any first-hand experience with Novell's Bordermanager as a
> firewall?


> I tended to equate that product with MS Proxy Server.

That's a pretty accurate description. There is a proxy for HTTP (which provides
cacheing) but pretty much everything else is done via static or dynamic packet
filtering. About the biggest difference between the two is that BM supports
static NAT so you can reach private address internal systems, while MSP2 does
not. The rest of the features are pretty close. I hear that BM 1.5 has some new
features but it not yet been released.

I agree. Kind of a weird suggestion. I've suggested and deployed BM for NetWare
only shops but in mixed environments, I tend to stay away from it. If you are a
heavy NDS shop BM can be a good thing, otherwise it may seem like it is more
work than it's worth.

> We have a 400-desktop enterprise with eight Frame-Relay connected remote
> sites, and are looking for a firewall solution for the entire enterprise.
> In addition, we are in a rapid growth mode, and predict doubling in size
> both in number of desktops and number of WAN-connected sites by year-end.

BM would handle the speed issues, the security is a judgement concern.
Personally, I would look for a Unix based solution.

cbrenton @
 sover .

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