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(February 1995)

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Subject: More net abuse...
From: Stephanie da Silva <arielle @ bonkers . taronga . com>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 13:29:18 -0600 (CST)
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

Not to interrupt your C&S bashing or anything, but yesterday I got some
mail that not only annoyed me, it disturbed me too and may be a continuing
sign of the recent trend of net.abuse.

The person who wrote me mentioned over and over he was a newbie.  Not
that it was hard to figure out, he addressed me as "Ms. Taronga" in his
first letter.  :-)  He apparently had a lot of trouble trying to contact
list owners and offered some very good suggestions on how to make the
list entries more user-friendly for new users.  (Tho one of the things
I pointed out to him in my resonse was that I assumed certain things,
like that people reading the document understood what a mailing list
was and what the purpose of mailing lists was, too.  And if they were so
new to the net that they didn't understand these things, there were other
places for finding out this information, like news.newusers.questions).

He had written 45 of the list contact addresses.  Of these, 30 were
majordomos/listprocs/listervs and sent him back error messages, 10 were
bounces and only 5 actually got him back responses.  Tho he complained
about the 5 because they didn't identify themselves in return and he
didn't know what lists they represented!  He had put "Your mailing list"
in the Subject lines of his email and you know, if someone writes me
and says, "I'm writing about your mailing list," my response usually
is, "Which one?"

So he was frustrated because he apparently thought he had put considerable
time and effort into contacting these lists, with less than satisfactory
results.  What disturbs me is that he didn't want to subscribe to any of 
them.  He wanted to send some sort of "press release" to each list (the 
nature of, I never found out) on a continuing basis.  So here he gets on
the net and finds mailing lists and sees them only as a resource for him
to use for his own personal devices

But you know, maybe, just maybe one day this guy will get a clue and 
understand how lists work and then he won't even bother with the contact 
addresses and instead send directly to the list address.  This is what
bothered me the most about the situation.

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