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Subject: Re: HTML Based Email (AOL 6.0)
From: "Alan S. Harrell" <ashandrr @ mastnet . net>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 19:14:08 -0600
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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On 1 Nov 2000, 16:15, Chuq Von Rospach wrote: 

> and do you tell them to use only a black and white TV, to?


> Crank their Model A? 


> churn their own butter after milking their cow?


> You're fighting a battle that might be noble, but is long lost.

Sez you.  In my little corner of the Internet, I am winning this 
battle.  Listowners who have apprenticed under me know the value of 
keeping a discussion mailing list "text only," and follow in step to 
this doctrine.  ASCII text is the only egalitarian method we have for 
email and that is paramount for free and unencumbered discussion in 
mailing lists.  This is not about stifling progress, Chuq, as you 
alluded with your questions, but rather making sure that free 
discussion is not abated.  HTML stifles free discussion because it 
inhibits some members of a discussion group to participate freely in 
the ongoing discussion. 

The losers in this battle are those who gave up or those who succumb to 
the lure of commercial brainwashing.  As long as you can keep fighting, 
you have not lost.  As long as I have the tools to keep HTML-mail and 
HTML-mail-users off my list, then I can continue to win.  As long as 
those whom I have influence over continue to see the logic in my 
message, then I will never feel I've lost. 

> All you're really going to do down the road is convince folks to not
> bother with your lists, except your own increasingly limited
> brotherhood of already-convinced like-thinkers. 

That remains to be seen, but so far I've not encountered any problems 
with my posture.  If anything, my "brotherhood" as you call it, is 
generally accepted by those that associate with me on the Internet. 


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