Great Circle Associates Firewalls
(February 1993)

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Subject: firewalls and dns
From: Bill Wohler <wohler @ sap-ag . de>
Organization: SAP AG Walldorf, Germany
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 03:23:55 +0100
To: firewalls-digest @ sap-ag . de
Phone: +49 6227-341658 Home: +49 6221-163255
Reply-to: Bill Wohler <wohler @ sap-ag . de>


  please forgive me if i'm missing something obvious, but in
  discussions about setting up firewalls, usually there is *one*
  firewall host that provides mail, news, anonymous ftp and--the topic
  of this message--dns to both internal and external hosts.

  dns requires that each domain have two name servers.  if my firewall
  only allows one host in my network (and domain as well) to be accessed,
  where does this second name server come from?

  or, have people been simply providing just one name server?


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