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(February 1994)

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Subject: Re: Can you print from a chroot'd process?
From: Icarus Sparry <I . Sparry @ ss1 . bath . ac . uk>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 94 2:28:31 GMT
To: Jim Duncan <jim @ math . psu . edu>
Cc: I . Sparry @ bath . ac . uk, Firewalls @ greatcircle . com
Reply-to: I . Sparry @ bath . ac . uk

>> OB CERT bash - They still have not issued a warning about this.

>Um, excuse me?  What's this?  Please note the attached CERT advisory.
(CERT advisory about SUN being vunerable to lpd attack)

The problem is that is is a generic bug, not a sun specific one. The machines
at this site which we broken were not suns.

If you are running an LPD which is older that BSD 4.3-Reno, then you are
vunerable. Upgrade now!

>It's bad enough that people have this misguided attitude about CERT, but
>even worse when folks say disparaging things without even checking the
>archives first.  Sheesh.

When I phoned CERT, telling them detailed symptoms and probable causes,
they said 'That is interesting, please keep us informed, we know of no
problems in that area'. When I spoke to them two days later, giving
exact details they said 'Oh yes, that old one, the major vendors are
silently fixing that one'. I would not like to guess how many sites fell
in those two days.

You might note that Sun are now up to version 14 of the patch, not the 6
which is quoted as being 'the result of that lengthy test cycle'. I stand
by my remark that putting the lpr commands into a chrooted environment is
a bad idea.

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