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(November 1994)

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Subject: Re: Re: Phone vs. Internet
From: Doug Hughes <Doug . Hughes @ Eng . Auburn . EDU>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 10:35:36 -0600
To: jcmurphy @ cadman . cit . buffalo . edu
Cc: firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM, Rich=Gautier%SP-23DC%DRC @ S1 . drc . com
In-reply-to: <199411232046 . PAA27302 @ cadman . cit . buffalo . edu>

>Rich=Gautier writes:
>	1) encryption is common place (read: readily available) on the internet
>	   but isnt on the 'common' telephone connection

I'd suggest that a more meaninful measure would be readily available
as opposed to common-place. Most electronics catalogs have little, scrambling
devices you can attach to your phone for little cost. While perhaps not
"common-place", they are readily available.

also a point: while not necessarily harder to get information off a
spoken phone conversation than an internet connection (and possibly easier)
it is much less likely because:

1) there are promiscuous packet grabbers out there that just grab
information and filter out the juicy bits (passwds) on computers -
there is nothing analgous for phones because of the point to
point nature. (it's unlikely that somebody would have something listening
for the word "password" and even less likely that it would actually
catch it)
2) a phone connection can go through many different circuits before
reaching its destination, depending on, PBX, local carrier, long distance
carrier, available trunks.. Heck, you can even call from your co-workers
phone! whereas an internet connection is much easier to figure out. 
(traceroute) and less likely to change.

This is just for casual use one-time exchange..
Obviously, if somebody is targeting a person specifically, all bets are off.
But you're less likely to be casually "caught" on the telephone.

Just my $.02
Doug Hughes					Engineering Network Services
System/Net Admin  				Auburn University
			doug @
 eng .
 auburn .
"The Light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train"

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