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Subject: UCLA Short Course on "Network and Comput
From: BGoodin @ UNEX . UCLA . EDU (Goodin, Bill)
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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:28:15 -0800
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On April 16-19, 1996, UCLA Extension will present the short course,
"Network and Computer Security: Principles and Applications", on
the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

The instructors are Cristi Garvey, MS, Illustra Information Technologies;
Thomas Haigh, PhD, Secure Computing Corp; Stephen Kent, PhD, Bolt
Beranek and Newman; and Amy Wu, MS, TRW.

The overall objective of this course is to present a summary of the
current state of practice in trust technology with an emphasis on network
security technology.  Almost every commercial and government system
fielded today has to address some aspect of security and privacy.
Yet computer security technology increasingly lags information
technology.  While there are numerous government-endorsed products
on the Evaluated Products List, these trusted products do not necessarily
deal with issues germane to the commercial sector.  Nor do they offer
much variety in their solutions.  Even when the operating system, the
database management system, and the network have been selected
from the evaluated products based on government regulations (such
as TCSEC, TNI and TDI), the composite system may or may not be
secure because trusted systems cannot always be interconnected to
produce a larger system that is secure.  With the recent explosion in 
telecommunications technology, the many network offerings alone
present a challenge to the system architect.  Understanding network
security protocols and functionality and how to use them effectively to
design secure systems is essential in today's information environment.

This course presents an overview of the security products and
technology available today, along with an in-depth look at network
security principles and protocol standards.  A key element of many
systems today is the need for a network architecture often supported
by one or more firewall products.  The lectures present various network
security architectures, implementation alternatives, and ways to
protect your system against malicious code attacks.  The course
also looks at what the Defense Information Systems Agency is doing
to address security needs in the government.

The course fee is $1395, which includes extensive course materials.

For additional information and a complete course description, please
contact Marcus Hennessy at:
(310) 825-1047
(310) 206-2815 fax
mhenness @
 unex .
 ucla .

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