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(June 1996)

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Subject: Re[6]: Java & ActiveX
From: "Steve Betts" <Steve_Betts @ ccmailgw . biss . co . uk>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 96 09:45:44 GMT
To: Firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM, peter @ baileynm . com (Peter da Silva)


>Are they? Honestly? It seems strange that Microsoft would be ceding the 
>internal client-server battle to TCP/IP so easily, when they already 
>have a more secure and higher performance tool in the form of Windows 

As I read M$ strategy it seams that they ceded the protocol battle more than 
two years ago when they started to give away 32 bit TCP/IP for Win3.11. 
Since then the Visual Basic client/server tools together with everything 
else runs happily over TCP/IP, IPX and other protocols.

They (as are everybody else) now seem to be building standard internet 
protocols and formats into *all* of their products, including ways to use 
java applets alongside ActiveX components in VB, word, excel etc.

I am sure that M$ see NT as being *key* to the success of the intranet, but 
then quite a lot of industry analysts agree with them. 

One thing is clear, the advent of the widespread adoption of the java 
virtual machine is as important to the IT industry as the introduction of 
the PC.

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