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Subject: Re: FW: Virus checking at the firewall level.
From: Steve Kruse <jsk347 @ sprynet . com>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 19:04:02 -0400
To: Paul Boyer <paulboyer @ usa . net>, "'firewalls @ GreatCircle . com'" <firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM>
In-reply-to: <01BD5E83 . 40DBDF40 . paulboyer @ usa . net>

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It seems to me that we are missing an important thread is
NOT what CVP does to performance that is the real issue.  I think we
all know that for every level of security we add (be it electronic or
human) there is a performance hit.  The QUESTION is what price are we
willing to PAY to achieve (this particular) level of security???  If I
am willing to have minimalist security, I can go with a router with a
few filters and get X performance.  If I add an Application Gateway
Firewall like SecurIT (my brand...substitute yours here ;-) then I
have a lot of additional protection but I perhaps have X-1
performance.  If I want to add URL blocking, then I might have X-2
performance...etc.  Each security admin or manager must make the
decision as to what price will I pay for what level of performance. 
That, IMHO, is the real issue to deal with.  Once you make that
decision, then you can deal with whether brand X CVP is faster or
slower than Brand Y.

Steve Kruse

At 10:04 PM 4/2/98 +0200, Paul Boyer wrote:
>Yes, performance is a big issue :(
>I was told trend micro's one at is not
using CVP for performance reasons.
>Has someone experince with it ?
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>Subject:	RE: Virus checking at the firewall level.
>Conceptually CVP is a wonderful thing but can you give me any numbers
>the latency that this process causes on your network? I have not seen
>anything that will show me benchmarks for CVP bsed virus scanning,
>especially with a firewall and even more with encryption.  If I could
>some good numbers I might be infavor of it.  But until then,  I like
>speed on my network and virus scaning on the desk top  :).
>At 04:04 PM 3/31/98 -0500, Gordon LaSane wrote: 
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