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(April 1994)

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Subject: selfish motivations, was: Re: AOL impresses me
From: Ken Dykes <kgdykes @ Thinkage . On . CA>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 1994 19:32:24 -0400
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

>Date: Sun, 24 Apr 94 16:04:46 -0700
>From: Chuq Von Rospach <>
>Subject: Re: AOL impresses me

>I wonder if list managers get the kind of activity they look for?

i suspect those who run "wide open, no rules" lists have few problems.
those who run tighter ships will bump into more things.

since i don't edit/moderate the actual messages (automated digest), i demand
a certain level of reading-for-content and general neural activity from
list members upfront.
(i do in a blue moon moderate "after the fact" and terminate a thread by fiat.)

>(rhetorical question: are we running lists to provide a service? or because
>it's good for the ego to be a list manager?)

c) forced into it because of the inadequacies of netnews

   i started the list because *i* wasn't being served by netnews at the time
   (and still not particularly served by the tooth-and-nailed voted
   not ego in the sense that "look ma! i have my own empire", but rather the
   selfish "i want a service, i guess i have to create that service"

   which, btw, is often what many usenet flamers tell folks to go and do.

   they ego-payback amortized over hours spent on servicing the list, the
   list archives, keyword database, and and Thinkage mail service impact is
   low enough to consider declaring ego insolvency.

   the information-payback for making my machinery and riding pleasure
   better is what keeps me going.

oh, you said rhetorical... :-)

   - Ken Dykes, Thinkage Ltd., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada    [43.47N 80.52W]          thinkage!kgdykes

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