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Subject: Call for Papers
From: Edward Brent <SOCBRENT @ MIZZOU1 . missouri . edu>
Date: Sat, 21 May 94 15:37:43 CDT
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                             CALL FOR PAPERS
                        The American Sociologist

         Special Issue on Electronic Communication and Sociology

The American Sociologist invites submissions for a special issue
to be titled "Electronic Communication and Sociology."  Papers
should deal with issues surrounding electronic communication and
its implications for sociology--both good and bad.  Electronic
communication is broadly conceived both technologically and
socially.  It includes Email, local area networks, modems, faxes,
wireless communications, BITNET, the INTERNET, multimedia,
commercial networks and services such as Prodigy and CompuServe,
telecommuting, distance learning, research collaboration at a
distance, sociological studies of electronic communication,
using electronic communication to access scholarly resources
and datasets, electronic journals, reader lists, bulletin boards,
remote access to computers and resources, cyberspace, on-line
conferencing, fax-on-demand, and telephony.

Topics might include but are not limited to the following:

- Implications of electronic communication for distance learning,
  extension, and outreach
- How BITNET and the INTERNET are changing research in sociology
- How sociological practice is changing due to electronic communication
- Research opportunities afforded by electronic communication
- Integrating electronic communication & multimedia into the sociology
- How will electronic communication change social life?
- Using local area networks to collect data and conduct social
  psychological experiments
- Electronic communications as a data source for sociological research
- Invisible colleges in the electronic age
- Security and privacy issues in distributed data
- Problems with electronic communication including threats to productivity
- Weighing electronic publications and other computer-based work in
  the tenure decision
- Resources on the INTERNET and their implications for sociological
  research and teaching
- The role of sociologists in public policy formation regarding the
  information superhighway
- What should the ASA and other professional associations do to take
  advantage of electronic communication in the discipline?

Submit four copies of your paper, in TAS style, before March 1, 1995,
to either special-issue coeditor:

Edward Brent                            Edward Mirielli
Department of Sociology                 Idea Works, Inc.
University of Missouri                  607 Jackson Street
Columbia, MO   65211                    Columbia, MO   65203
SOCBRENT@MIZZOU1                        RUSOEDM@MIZZOU1
FAX: (314) 875-5812                     FAX: (314) 875-5812
Voice: (314) 882-9172                   Voice: (314) 875-5827

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