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Subject: Re: Olga redux
From: "Franklin R. Jones" <frjones @ sa . mnet . uswest . com>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 08:45:56 -0600
To: Jeff Harrington <JEFF @ mitvma . mit . edu>
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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	. . . From the firewalls list (also on greatcircle,) the
following was posted. I assumed that the info had been imparted in
this list, but from recent posts here, perhaps not. It confirmed my
suspicion about the VM header in the address stream.


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From: Ken Weaverling <>
To: firewalls@GreatCircle.COM
Subject: Olga mystery solved
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On Fri, 21 Jul 1995, Brent Chapman wrote:

> >was and doing?  (Yes, yes, I noticed
> >that the utexas system is running IBM VM - all bets are off).
> That I can't help you with...

In an attempt to squelch the noise here lately, I offer the following news:

The mystery behind the identity of the Olga poster has been solved.
Complete details are in

In summary:

IBM VM systems are brain dead and believe anything you tell them in 
the HELO conversation of sendmail, and insert that into received-by: 
headers without verification. The mail never touched BYU, so lay off the 
postmaster there.

The message originally came from the University of Utah, from an account
owned by R. Brock. This was determined by mailing list managers of
majordomo sites confirming who sent LISTS commands to these sites around
June 29.  This user came up time and time again.

What STILL has to be determined is whether or not Mr. Brock did this
himself or the account was broken into. Regardles, U of U is aware of
it, and you can rest assured they are looking into it.

But don't expect further satisfaction. U.S. educational institutions are
prohibited by law from disclosing what -- if any -- disciplinary measures
are taken against students.

NOW, can we get back to discussions regarding firewalls -- PLEASE!!!

- -- 
Ken Weaverling |*|
    Manager of Computer Services       |*|
   Stanton/Wilmington Campuses of      |*|
Delaware Technical & Community College |*|

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