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Subject: Re[2]: Pattern matching for SPAM
From: <Jeffrey_Burrows @ strathkelvin . ccmail . compuserve . com>
Date: 05 Feb 96 05:45:45 EST
To: <LIST-MANAGERS @ greatcircle . com>

|two spams over the course of a month or two, it's not worth our time!

|The lists I manage are all moderated and there are a few I manage which
|allow posting by the readers (one is a list that relays news from
|various sources, another is a discussion list; all are moderated). Truly, it
|does not take much time to moderate lists and remove spams.

Likewise, a list of mine was targetted twic in a couple of weeks by the
magazine scam - but second time it didn't get anywhere, since I switched
the list to being open to postings only from subscribed members. There's
no moderation, but this simple step has cut out this scam, and I'd guess
a fair number in the future. It's easy for a spammer to pick up posting
addresses from BITNET new-list - it's more work to deal with the various
subscription engines out there and get onto them.

That I guess will come, and some magic cookie scheme - or worse, manual
checking - may be required. Until then, the switch from open subbing, open
posting to open subbing, subscriber-only posting has bought some time.



Jeffrey R Burrows
"Robert Frost, the distinguished New England poet, used to define a
liberal as someone who refused to take his own side in an argument."
          "Dreaming of JFK", The Economist, 17 March 1984

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