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(March 1996)

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Subject: Re: mailing list spams
From: scs @ lokkur . dexter . mi . us (Steve Simmons)
Organization: Inland Sea
Date: 18 Mar 1996 13:23:10 -0500
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Distribution: local
Newsgroups: local.list-managers
References: <>

Wes Morgan <> in response to my saying:

>>Can't do this without changing the standard first -- this is a defined
>>feature of SMTP-based mail systems.  Probably hopeless.

>This is true, but...

>Nothing stops you from refusing SMTP connections from domains which
>harbor spammers [ other good comments removed ]

True but irrelevant.  You can do this without modifying SMTP or
sendmail.  Simply grab one of the rule-based SMTP proxies such as
that which comes with socks or the TIS firewall kit, and install it
in front of sendmail.
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