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Subject: Re: Pangaea
From: Brent @ GreatCircle . COM (Brent Chapman)
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 08:43:18 -0800
To: Jered Floyd <jered @ mit . edu>, list-managers @ greatcircle . com

At 9:49 AM 4/8/96, Jered Floyd wrote:
>   I hadn't seen this go to the list yet, and thought people might find
>this interesting.  This is apparently being sent to many list managers.
>------- Forwarded Message
>From: List Archive Manager <list-manager@Reference.COM>
>Subject: request to archive <LISTNAME>
>Pangaea Reference Systems, Inc. is developing a search service
>(Reference.COM) that will provide the Internet community fast, easy,
>and free access to Usenet and electronic mailing lists.  The service
>is made possible in large part by the contributions (software,
>hardware, communications infrastructure) of NASA Ames, Sun, Oracle,
>Verity, Pacific Bell, Storage Computer and others. The service will
>include paid advertising from corporate sponsors, in addition to free
>advertising space for non-profits. The service will be both Web and
>e-mail accessible. It is expected to be the largest online repository
>of Usenet and electronic mailing list archives.
>Pangaea's goal is to provide users with fairly complete coverage of
>Usenet and electronic mailing lists.  To this end, we would like to
>subscribe to the <LISTDESC> list.  By allowing us access to
>your list, you will be making your content (current and historical)
>easily accessible to the Internet community, as well as your
>own subscribers.


One of the principals of this company is Eric Allman, of Sendmail fame.
Eric first approached me concerning this project about 6 months ago.  Since
then, I've had several long discussions with him about this project, and
how to do it so as to maximize usefulness to the Internet community while
minimizing hassle and heartburn for the list managers.  They're very
sensitive to the concerns of list managers, and are trying really hard not
to step on anybody's toes.

What they're talking about is basicly a Yahoo or Alta Vista for mailing
lists.  They'll archive everything, and set it up for access via some
pretty powerful search engines.  Presumably when people access the Pangaea
site through the Web, to run their searches, they'll get little "banner"
ads (just like on Yahoo) on each page of search results; very unobtrusive.

If you run a private or sensitive list, or for any other reason don't want
your list included in the set they archive, just tell them; they'll be
happy to leave you out.  On the other hand, if you run a public list, why
not let 'em archive and index it?

I'm going to let them subscribe to all the lists here at GreatCircle.COM.


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