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Subject: Re: I have a question
From: Alan Stebbens <aks @ dokoka . ucsb . edu>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 16:42:30 -0700
To: Walter Morales <walter @ rip . psg . com>
Cc: list-managers-digest @ greatcircle . com, "SmartList Users" <smartlist @ informatik . rwth-aachen . de>
In-reply-to: Your message of Wed, 10 Apr 1996 09:41:00 PDT. <>
Reply-to: "Alan K. Stebbens" <aks @ hub . ucsb . edu>

>  First time here..
> > I run a mailing list that has about 1500 users.
> > There is a user in Brazil, that has broken almost every rule in the
> > netiquette guide.

> > Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Remove him from the "dist" and "accept" files, and then put his address
in the "reject" file.

This will keep him from subscribing.

If the list has "foreign_submit" disabled (not set), then he will not be
able to resubscribe and will not be able to submit.

However, If foreign_submit is enabled, then he can still submit, even
though he isn't subscribed.  In this case, you'll have to create an
additional recipe and have it invoked at the place where
RC_LOCAL_SUBMIT_10 resides.

It can be done something like this:

a. In "rc.custom", define RC_LOCAL_SUBMIT_10=rc.local.s10 

b. create the file "reject.submit" in the list directory and insert all
   "bad guy" addresses in it.

c. Create "rc.local.s10" in the list directory.  Put the following
   recipe in it (*THIS IS UNTESTED--BUT SHOULD WORK*):

    :0 w
    | formail -X"From " -xFrom: -xReply-To: -xSender: -xResent-From: \
	   -xResent-Reply-To: -xResent-Sender: -xReturn-Path: | \
      multigram -b1 -m -l$submit_threshold -L$domain \
	    -x$listaddr -x$listreq reject.submit

   This will check the submitter address against a file of "bad guy"
   addresses, "reject.submit", and if a successful match (using
   "submit_threshold") is made, then "multigram" succeeds, causing
   the mail to "go away" (procmail thinks that the mail was delivered
   --to multigram).

Actually, something like this might be useful to add to the SmartList
"rc.submit" anyway.

Good luck.


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