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(December 1996)

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Subject: Re: "Killing Those Dang Groupwise Open Messages"
From: "John Buckman" <jbuckman @ shelby . com>
Organization: Walter Shelby Group Ltd.
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 11:44:22 +7
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui @ plaidworks . com>, bruceb @ fatcity . com
Comments: Authenticated sender is <jbuckman@synergy>

> At 6:20 AM -0800 12/18/96, Bruce Bergman wrote:
> >Here's one for the masses.  This has been driving nuts, but fortunately
> >I can redirect the annoying message to another account.  The problem is
> >that Novell Groupwise sends this silly "message opened" response every
> >time one of my subscribers reads a message.  As result, I get hundreds
> >of these a week.

Typically, these messages are caused by a header in the author's
message which informs the reading mail system to send mail back
after reading or receipt of the message.

A common header causing this is:
X-Confirm-Reading-To: "John Buckman" <>

So, if someone reads this message, it has this
"X-Confirm-Reading-To" header, and their mail reading program
supports this feature, then their mail system will send a
reading-acknowledgement message back.

What I suggest is that you configure your list server so that the
X-Confirm-Reading-To: header is stripped out of mail destined for the 
list.  That will fix the problem.

A similar problem occurs with this header:
Return-receipt-to: "John Buckman" <>

In the future, if you find a case that slips through, it's probably
because some new & novel X- header feature has been implemented.  If
this happens, take a look at the guilty message's header, and scan
for something like X-Confirm-Reading-To, then configure your list
server to remove it (and I'd love to hear about it).

Some list servers have a feature to optionally remove all X- headers
from list-bound mail.  That's a little drastic (some of those X-
header are useful and innocuous), but it does solve this problem in a 
straightforward way.

Note that there are some rare circumstances where
X-Confirm-Reading-To could be useful in list mail.  For example, if
you sent a memo out to a corporate mailing list, and wanted to track
who had seen it.

John, Shelby Group Ltd.,

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