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Subject: Re: Krazy Kevin back at it again?
From: "Henry W. Miller" <henrym @ sacto . mp . usbr . gov>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 14:11:32 PST
To: nmehl @ leftbank . com
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com, henrym @ sacto . mp . usbr . gov

> From:	MX%""  "Nathan J. Mehl" 25-MAR-1997 13:09:05.79
> Subj:	Re: Krazy Kevin back at it again?


> In the immortal words of Vince Sabio:
> > It's been pretty well confirmed that the information is legit. It has thus
> > been circumstantially confirmed that Krazy Kevin is, indeed, uncommonly
> > stupid. (After all, he appeared at a hearing on Friday for his spamming
> > activities, and *spammed again* over the weekend. I'd call that uncommonly
> > stupid.)
> Stupid?
> Pfeh.  
> He's been _getting_away_with_it_ for over two years now.  
> And that's included the threatening phone calls (assault and
> felonious harassment) and email bombs to his critics, nevermind the 
> list spamming (vaguely illegal) and subscription-scamming (grand 
> fraud) itself.

	FYI, one of the scientists here fell for Kevin's scams.  BUT, it 
was not email, but regular snail mail.  According to this scientist, the 
magazines did come form several months, then stopped.

> Based solely on the evidence, he's not even slightly stupid, and
> has every reason to be confident and even cocky.  :-b
> Hell, I became a list-manager because of Lipsitz -- he was spamming
> every other week, and the MIT admins were
> unwilling/unable to do anything about it, so I learned majordomo
> for the sole purpose of putting the list somewhere where I could
> keep him out.  
> (Sadly, he hasn't attempted anything since the list moved to my system.  
> The _moment_ he leaves me with a piece of evidence in my hands, I _will_ 
> have the shitstain up on charges, so help me Bob...)
> -n, excuse me, it's a sore subject

	I can sympathize with your situation.  Kevein and his ilk have 
forced me to take steps that I did not like, closing my lists to all but 
subscribers.  (It also keeps out the random barrage of spurious 
"SUBSCRIBE" requests sent to the list, but that is a different story.)

	I don't think that it is that Kevin is smarter than we are, it's 
just that we are unorganized.  Let's be realistic: how many of us 
specifically have something to the effect of: "Manage electronic mailing 
lists that do not pertain to the organizations charter" in our job 
desciptions?  (Actually, those at ISP's probably do...)  But most of us 
probably manage the lists in our "spare" (HA!) time and are systems and/
or network managers in our day jobs.  We are probably just too busy to 
organize and attack this thing as a force: we're too busy putting out 
fires in our daily routine to take care of this.

	Do we need to form an ad-hoc committee for this?  Is there 
something of this nature in IETF?  Rather than just sit around and 
bitterly complain, I think that we need to get organized, set goals, 
assign tasks and work on a positive solution.

> --
> Don't blame me -- I voted for the Unabomber!
> Nathan J. Mehl -- The Left Bank Operation 
> (work) --   
> (play)   --


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