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Subject: Re: First Amendment Rights?
From: Alan Czarnek <alancz @ ix . netcom . com>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 20:17:35 -0800
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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> As others have pointed out, you're not in any danger legally and, as
> we've probably all seen before, talk about "suing" in this context is
> schoolyard bullying. If you are concerned that it may be more than
> that, keep a record of the abusive behavior. And if you are worried
> that having it hosted at MsState.Edu could be used as a basis to force
> you to keep disruptive people on the list


This does bring up a good question - can a list hosted by a governmental
entity (a state university) really be considered private property? 

After all, public funds are being used to run the list........

Someone said the First Ammendment doesn't apply unless you are 'the 
state.'  Well, apparently in this case, 'the state' owns the server.

Looks like the best bet would be to contract with a private company to 
host the list and pay all costs out of your own pocket.....

Alan Cz  

Oh, yeah, one more thing..... I am not a lawyer............

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