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Subject: Re: A Question of Propriety
From: fe3a002 @ rrz . uni-hamburg . de (Andreas Koerber)
Organization: privat
Date: 03 Jun 1997 21:51:00 +0200
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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Reply-to: akoerber @ rrz . uni-hamburg . de

Kent larsen wrote:
KSLI> > Why?  Is the entire web not built on the premise of linking?
KSLI> > Unless you are pulling THEIR content INTO your site, there is
KSLI> > no copyright issue involved. There is no need to remove your
KSLI> > links.
KSLI> While IANAL, I think this is not legally clear. I've read
KSLI> recently about a dispute between Microsoft and Sidewalks over
KSLI> MS's link to Sidewalks (I think I have this right, but I'm not
KSLI> completely sure).

This seems to be a problem which stems from the technique not  
providing means to show in the link whether it goes to a foreig site  
(outside) or to another place in your own hierarchy. This makes it  
easy to achieve the appearance that those contents you link to were  
your own - especially when frames come in.

I don't think linking is violation of copyright, but one shloud  
consider making it clear in the linking text that this is an outside  
resoucre which is being linked to, maybe by expressly stating their  
name. Then they should rather be pleased than angry.


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