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Subject: Re: Mangled outgoing mail
From: "Michael C. Berch" <mcb @ postmodern . com>
Organization: Postmodern Consulting, California USA
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 22:29:46 -0700
To: list-managers <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>
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Reply-to: mcb @ postmodern . com

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
> It is not uncommon for an intermediate mail gateway to quoted-printablize a
> message.  Most gateways think they can do this with impunity.  Whether or
> not it is right, good, or legal is also a religious issue.  MIME-aware
> software would make this invisible to you.  (Since you're already in Emacs,
> why not try Gnus?  Gnus+TM handles MIME just fine.  TM might even work with
> rmail.)

It seems that a very common problem is that the re-sending features of a
number of list management packages completely screw up MIME messages. 
They might have been fine when they left the author's site, or even
passed through its outgoing Internet mail gateway, but then they get
munged in the list remailer.  This seems to happen a lot with LISTSERV

Any decent modern mail program should be able to deal with MIME
messages, including correctly rendering quoted-printable and HTML, but 
*only* if it can recognize it, and that means preserving the MIME
headers, which seems to be a problem.

Michael C. Berch

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