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Subject: Re: List-Managers mailing list archives now available via the web
From: "Ronald F. Guilmette" <rfg @ monkeys . com>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:30:49 -0700
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: Your message of Thu, 23 Oct 1997 13:34:06 -0700. <v0311070cb07565371cb6@[]>
Reply-to: rfg @ monkeys . com

In message <v0311070cb07565371cb6@[]>, 
Brent Chapman <Brent@GreatCircle.COM> wrote:

>The List-Managers mailing list archives are now available via the web:...

Speaking of mailing list archives, I have been tuning up and testing my
junk E-mail filtering patterns on three large chunks of mail message
collections, i.e.:

	a)  my own saved messages for recent years,

	b)  recent archives of the list-managers mailing list,

	c)  recent (1997) archives of the inet-access mailing list

I am now seeking additional recent (i.e. post 1993) archives from additional
mailing lists in order to test my junk/spam filter further and to assure
that it has the highest possible correct spam detection rate and the lowest
possible false positive rate.

If any of you out there have been archiving your mailing lists and have
those archives available for FTP, please write to me and tell me where I
can fetch them.

For my purposes, I _cannot_ really make use of archives where each message
is stored on the FTP site in a separate file _unless_ your FTP server is able
to tar them together for me on your end (_and_ also compress or gzip them
on your end) upon my request for a download.

Ideally, what I need is archive files where (for example) each month's
worth of traffic is already packed together into one big compressed (.Z)
or gzipped (.gz) tarfile.

Also, for my purposes, the ideal test bed will be drawn from the archives
of mailing lists whose subscriber bases cut across all possible lines
which might have relevance to headers... e.g. geographical lines and also
hardware lines.  In other words, lists which are (for example) frequented
only/mostly by people in the UK, or only/mostly by Mac enthusiasts are of
less use to me than lists which have a more global and platform-diverse
membership.  (Someone posted recently about some motorcycle mailing list.
That kind of thing would be ideal, I think.  Or a mailing list dedicated
to violin enthusiasts.  That kind of thing.)

So anyway, if any of you have such FTP-able archives already available for
the kinds of diverse-membership lists that I'm most interested in, please
do write and tell me where I can fetch them.  Thanks.

P.S.  An as added attraction, if you ask, I'll send you copies of any
spams that my filter happens to detect in any archives that are offered
to me that I actually end up adding to my test bed.

-- Ron Guilmette, Roseville, California ---------- E-Scrub Technologies, Inc.
-- Deadbolt(tm) Personal E-Mail Filter demo:
-- Wpoison (web harvester poisoning) - demo:

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