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(November 1997)

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Subject: Re:
From: Michelle Dick <artemis @ rahul . net>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 97 23:19:30 -0800
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>

On Sun, 02 Nov 1997 23:13:22 -0600 wrote:
> >From the subscriber's standpoint, non-expiring confirmation messages (or 
> messages expiring in 30 days) would be easier to deal with.  From the 
> mail bomb victim's standpoint, it shouldn't make any difference, since 
> s/he wouldn't get any mail until/unless s/he confirmed.  Does it make a 
> difference from the list manager's perspective?

My list confirmation for SmartList saves a "cookie" for each
subscription request.  The number of cookies (unused cookies) saved
onsite is configurable.  They expire so that the disk spaced used
doesn't grow without bounds.  I generally set my limits so that about
2 weeks are allowed.  This is generally a configurable option for all
list software that I know of (for those that save cookies onsite).

> BTW, and forgive my ignorance, given that confirmation commands follow 
> pretty standard formats (and can be obtained by anyone just be 
> requesting to be subscribed), couldn't the creep who is subscribing a 
> victim to unwanted lists just send confirm commands to the list-managers 
> in the victim's name 24 hours after requesting the subscriptions? 

Because the confirmation request includes a unique code.  The creep
would have to guess the right code.  I use a combination of date (to
the second) and process ID.  

> If 
> not (meaning that the confirm command can come only from the new 
> subscriber's address), why can't a list manager only accept subscription 
> requests that originate from the same address that the subscription is 
> to be sent to?

Because the message headers can and are easily forged.

Michelle Dick                 East Palo Alto, CA

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