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Subject: New mailing list about Notes MTAs
From: Simon Coles <simon @ nipltd . com>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 11:50:52 +0000
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM


A while ago this list had a thread about the delights of Lotus mail gateways.

We're Lotus Premium Partners, which means that while Lotus doesn't listen
to us much either, we would like to try and improve Lotus products'
reputation in the Internet world. So we've created a mailing list about
Lotus MTAs, with the aims of:
	- educating administrators of these gateways
	- providing a forum for discussing the problems and maybe even getting
	  some grain share from Lotus

If you know of any admins of Lotus products who might benefit from joining
the list, instructions are below. Having some list managers on the list
might also help introduce admins to the impacts of their decisions :-)

Here's the list announcement:

NOTESMTA-L on (Lotus MTAs)

        Server address:
        List address:

   NOTESMTA-L is an open, unmoderated Internet mailing list for
   administrators of MTAs and Mail Gateways between Lotus Notes/Domino
   and other mail systems.

   The discussion focusses on the issues surrounding connecting Notes/Domino
   to other mail systems (for example the Internet, X.400, cc:Mail) using MTAs
   and mail gateways. Typical topics are the choice, configuration, and use of
   these gateways, as well as problems created by the interaction of different
   mailing systems.

   Issues specifically related to the Lotus Notes client are probably
   better handled on the existing LNOTES-L list. Specific Domino server
   administration issues should be directed to the DOMINO-L list

   Archives of the list, a web interface to the list server, and other
   information is available at

   To subscribe to NOTESMTA-L, send a regular email message to:


   and in the body of the note, type:

           subscribe notesmta-l <your name>

   List Owners: Tom Kranz <>
   		Simon Coles <>

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