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Subject: Re: AOL spam controls question
From: Adam Bailey <adamb @ tezcat . com>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 98 13:03:14 -0600
To: "List Managers" <list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM>

On 2/4/98 10:52 AM, Danny Lieberman <> wrote...

>One of my subscribers asked to switch to digest a few days ago.
>Right away I began to get the bounce (below) back from AOL.
>She says she doesn't know which control is blocking the digests,
>but hasnt received one yet.  Someone suggested to me it could be
>due to "parental" controls.  either way, since I'm not fluent in
>AOL, there must be some way the subscriber can adjust this.

Here's what happened: AOL converts incoming messages that are larger than 
about 25k to attachments. The Parental Control in play here is the block 
on receiving file attachments. Your subscriber, or the person who owns 
her account, will need to sign on with their master screen name, go to 
Keyword: MAIL CONTROLS, select the screen name that they're subscribed to 
your list with, and uncheck the box that says "Block file attachments and 
pictures in mail."

>I'd appreciate any suggestions at this point, and pointers, if 
>there is an FAQ on these AOL control functions and they errors 
>they cause.

I suppose I could create a FAQ, though I doubt it would have very 
wide-reaching interest.

Adam Bailey      | Chicago, Illinois
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