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Subject: Re: AOL spam controls question
From: Adam Bailey <adamb @ tezcat . com>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 98 17:01:10 -0600
To: <list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM>

On 2/4/98 3:36 PM, David W. Tamkin <> wrote...

>Adam Bailey said in response to a question from Danny Lieberman:
>| Here's what happened: AOL converts incoming messages that are larger than
>| about 25k to attachments. The Parental Control in play here is the block
>| on receiving file attachments. Your subscriber, or the person who owns
>| her account, will need to sign on with their master screen name, go to
>| Keyword: MAIL CONTROLS, select the screen name that they're subscribed to
>| your list with, and uncheck the box that says "Block file attachments and
>| pictures in mail."
>Mail Controls can be set *only* by logging in under the master screen name?


>I knew that the user of the master name could set them for subordinate names,
>but I did not know that the users of the subordinate names could not set them
>for themselves.  That's new information [to me anyway] and it changes a lot
>for the particular cases on my list.  Thank you very much, Adam.


>Based on my experiences it seems that more often than not the parents do not
>tell the children that they've put blocks on their email and the kids find it
>out as a rude surprise.

Yup. Why bother informing our children when we can sneak around behind 
their back and pull their strings?

But that's off-topic.

>An additional problem is that Mail Controls make no distinction between an
>item that came in with an attachment and a long plain-text message that AOL
>converted to a file with an attachment.  That is just indefensible if you ask

Agreed. If AOL's the one making the conversion, it shouldn't then smack 
you in the face with it. But I don't know if it's possible to make the 
system work the other way around. Probably not.

>There appears, moreover, to be no way to prevent the conversion.  I've asked
>several AOL users who consider themselves expert at its mail whether it could
>be prevented, and none have ever included an answer to that question in their

No, it can't be prevented.

Adam Bailey      | Chicago, Illinois
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