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(March 1999)

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Subject: Re: Topica-Dot-Com Open For Business
From: Michelle Dick <artemis @ rahul . net>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 99 23:27:15 -0800
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>

Paul wrote:
> At 08:27 PM 2/28/99 -0800, Michelle Dick wrote:
> >Or rather they ask for something of value from you for free and hope
> >that you think what they offer in return is of greater value.
> >Assuming that it is is rather presumptuous on their part.
> Not really. I bet the vast majority of the list managers do *not* get a 
> penny for their archives, and some probably even pay their ISPs to run the 
> archives. In your case, yes, you have very little incentive to let someone 
> else duplicate your content and thereby take money out of your pocket, but 
> I would bet you are the rare list owner who is making money on their archives.

Perhaps.  But perhaps I am because I tried.  I had no idea that it
would be so *easy* to get advertising dollars.  I had no idea that my
web site pages were considered "unsold inventory", that people paid on
the basis of some weird measure called "CPM" and "click-throughs" or
that people would compete to get me to put a few lines of html on my
pages and they would do all the work and tracking and pay for the
bandwidth, give me real-time monitoring, have it set up in 4 hours
time, AND send me a regular checks just for the trouble of those few
lines of html that they supplied me to be cut and paste.

Given that Topica isn't the only game in town, given that anyone can
get advertising dollars by putting things people want on web pages, I
can see there might come a time where companies like Topica will need
to compete for list archives, perhaps offering a yearly fee for the
priviledge, more if it is an exclusive license.

Any list owner would be a fool to give away in a non-revocable fashion
that which might be worth $$ later.  It would also be foolish to give
up the option of exclusivity.  I know this isn't a problem with
Topica, since operating in the best interests of list owners means
that the list owner's option of deletion must be a perpetual option,
but it is something list owners need to keep in mind as more and more
list archivers come in to being.  Unlike Topica, they might not have
the list owner's best interests in mind and not be willing to let list
owners keep the future option of exclusivity (by refusing deletion).

Michelle Dick       East Palo Alto, CA
          Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List

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