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Subject: Re: list attacks
From: Nick Simicich <njs @ scifi . squawk . com>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 19:58:50 -0500
To: "Ronald F. Guilmette" <rfg @ monkeys . com>
Cc: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>
References: <Your message of Fri, 19 Mar 1999 10:03:03 +0000. <>

At 11:40 AM 3/19/99 -0800, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:

>    2)	accept sign-ups via some web form/page somewhere (while
>	generally not even bothering to save the IP number or
>	date/time stamp of those subscription requests... infor-
>	mation that is critical to finding the perp in cases
>	involving intentional harassment).
>I've had lengthy conversations with several people who run these
>kinds of lists, begging, pleading, and cajoling them to try to
>get them to add an up-front subscription confirmation step to
>their subscription mechanism, and almost without exception, they
>always end up just shining me on and saying ``We'll think about
>it.  We have to run the idea by marketing first.  Nobody else is
>complaining... only you.''

And furthermore, I have had evidence that they have grabbed mailing list
memberships and signed them up in mass, and their ISPs refuse to act.

In this case, I do not attribute to stupidity what is proven to be malice.
I believe that some of these people are using these open subscription web
forms to deny responsibility for outright spamming.

The good news is that I have hundreds and hundreds of hits on what should
be a robots.txt protected copy of wpoison.  Maybe, just maybe, I have
protected my list archives from being harvested for e-mail addresses yet
again.  Thanks for that.
Eat natto in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of 
the day -
Nick Simicich or (last choice) -- Stop by and Light Up The World!

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