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Subject: Fwd: Re: AOL
From: Nicole Marie Spring <spring @ legalnurseconsultants . com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 23:49:55 -0500
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

< I would think that a smart fellow would have added something to bounce
>handling looking for bounce rates and only inhibiting bounces to sites or
>addresses when the bounce rate exceeded some reasonable threshold, such
>that there were obvious problems rather than dumping one-off bounces on the

I may be out of my league here :-)  Like maybe not up to techno speed. :-(

I have received verification that email is being delivered to the ISP. 
Subscribers continue to email me that they are not receiving their email.
However, I  have never received any bounce messages other than 
the occasional 'full mailbox'. These 'full mailbox' subscribers are NOT the
complaining and emailing me in regards to the present non-receipt of email

> AOL has a mail system designed to use secret criteria to throw mail on
the floor,
>maybe, or maybe their mail system is just badly broken.  No one knows for
>sure, and frankly, I don't put much credibility in any public announcement
>that AOL makes either formally or informally.  Because this stuff is all
>secret, the list owners are the ones who take the heat.

Thanks...that assists me in understanding why this has been such a difficult
problem to solve. It also helps me deal with the 'heat in the kitchen' so to

>Yes, I think this is AOL bashing.  

Actually I beg to differ. It is not AOL bashing. It is speaking about an
issue that is 
occurring. That is, subscribers from a specific ISP are either receiving
no email or sporadic email. It just happens that the ISP involved is AOL. 
That's the reality. Not bashing anyone. IMHO, imperative to recognize,
identify, own and fix one's problems. Especially when one is providing
a service for a fee.

PS. Listmates, I have appreciated your input and dialog on this issue.
It has assisted me in problem solving. I am grateful for the time that you
have spent responding to this issue. 

PPS. AOL has contacted me. I would hope that the problem can be
brought to a quick resolution. In the meantime, I value
the dialog on this topic from each of you. I will post a final chapter
summary at a later date.

With much gratitude,

Nicole Marie Spring, RN
Listowner, LNCNURSE

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