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Subject: Re: AOL
From: garyb @ fxt . com
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 99 08:29:55 -0800
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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Reply-to: garyb @ fxt . com

> Yes, I think this is AOL bashing.  But I think it is for cause.
> They have some serious problems that affect their customer's
> service, and they show no interest in fixing them.

I just read somewhere AOL estimates they get 18 million SPAMs per  
day.  I have to wonder how I would deal with that level of  
rejection.  There ain't no good way, short of changing the nature of  
the net from mostly anonymous to complete big-brotherism, which is  
not something I'd like to see.  Will probably happen though.

>From recent experience (actually with a system hacker who left  
traces in the tcpd logs, and didn't delete them in time), it is  
possible to follow some SPAM back to the perp, unless they used a  
hacked credit card to set up the original account.  The headers  
_usually_ include the actual dialup account from which it was sent.   
I think it's possible to forge that as well, but it's not usually  
done.  That and the timestamp of the forwarding host provide  
sufficient information for the dialup provider to identify the  
dial-up client who was on that line at the time.  However, it is  
very difficult to get a dialup provider to do the work, much less  
provide it to anyone else, even with a court order.

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